Legitimate Criticism

Criticism is easy. Anyone can do it. Many do, often motivated by some deep seated lack in their identity. 

Criticism from lack is a form of domination and superiority. 

Helpful criticism is given with love. It is a Dare to Care type conversation. The intent is to serve the highest in the other.

To discern if we want to take on the criticism or not we might ask a few questions.

  1. What is the intent of this person making the critique?
  2. Do they have experience in the field they are critiquing? 
  3. Do they have all the information and context? Or is their critique from a partial perspective, and as such, missing vital pieces of information.

To discern if you want to ingest the criticism, if their intent is in service to you and they have experience and they have considered the whole, then consider the criticism,  take your time. Notice any charge you might feel in your body or mind. Inquire into the charge. A charge gives vital information, including that the criticism has triggered a truth in you that you are reluctant to explore.

Ensure there is enough time and space for you to become objective about the criticism. View it as you would anything that may or may not have relevance.

Some of it might feel true. Other parts of it may not.

Seek council from others you trust. Do they see what the person who critiqued you sees?

Legitimate criticism is a gift. 

Photo Taken December 29th 2023