Let the child out to play

Our childlike nature is not a part of us we need to put away forever once we reach a certain age. 

Our child, like the many characters we all have as a complex identity, needs to be given space and a place to play.

Appropriate space and place.

If not our child will show up in very inappropriate ways, and can do significant damage.

Our child might have various child like characteristics, from the spoilt brat, to the magical mystical child. Even the tantrum throwing child needs to be seen and understood, that part of us who wants to get our way and gets miffed, or worse, when we do not.

To know our child and its multiple dimensions, as an adult, is to grow up. To give our child an appropriate place to play regularly is to stay connected to the timeless aspect of ourselves.

My child likes open spaces, the beach, room to run and move, to be awestruck, to be seized by curiosity, to laugh and laugh and laugh, mostly at very silly things. I like bare feet, wind in wild hair, making mistakes while I am trying to figure things out and laughing at myself, raw chocolate cookie dough, or anything dripping in melted dark chocolate, and skipping…(*and today as the East Coast of Australia is deluged, my child got to play in the rain.)

How does your child get to play?

Photo taken September 2015


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