Listening as a rare art

Why do I say it is a rare art?

To listen. To desire to hear the whole, not the part, not the good bits only, not the story you want to hear..but the story that is being told.. this is rare.

So rare that when someone listens to us, to our whole, we weep in gratitude.

In Syntropic World we have a process called Synergistic Accounting. We consider what we have to bring to a project or enterprise in six domains, and for that contribution, what we expect in return. The process begins with completing a series of questions.

To really bring the process alive we then create a space for people to speak out the answers to these questions to a small community of others who are able to hold the space for our vulnerability, our wholeness, our extraordinary diversity of skills and gifts. In so doing, we feel heard. Seen. And from here, in witnessing the multiple dimensions of each other, we can get on with the work of creating that which we have come together to create.

It speaks to our core belief that most people, given the right context and opportunity, want to bring their best and wholes selves to do work they care about for a world with a future. They want to do this with a collective of others who stay focused on our unified purpose while also holding ourselves and our community to become syntropic…leaving everything better.

To practice listening requires a context and the desire. The Synergistic Audit is one example of how we might provide these ingredients.

Photo taken May 11th 2021

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