The biggest quest is always the interior one. The moment by moment, daily commitments to stay true to our selves, our values, our knowing and our self care.

How easy it is to violate our own promises…the precious ones we make to ourselves? How easy is it to be tempted to stray from the path we know is our path.

How readily are we seduced by bright shiny things…the sexy new x, the fast new y?

We do not violate ourselves in one big act, rather we build a path, brick by brick, little atrocity by little atrocity…until we find ourselves in a place where we do not like who we are, what we do, or how we got there.

This is my self examination for this time….

What words have I not said that need to be said?

What words have I said that need to be given a new context…be that apology, more detail, a request for forgiveness…?

What agreements have I made that are dissonant with my soul?

How am I violating my own self care? Am I not doing the very things that nourish and sustain me? Eating well and in the appropriate quantity, moving my body every day, getting great sleep, enough play, time to reflect, to breath…?

Where have I littered my life with broken promises?

How do I become 100% aligned with my word…to others and to myself?

Examine your body, your energy body, your being. Where is your field muddied by inconsistencies, dissonance and little atrocities?

Like any clean up task, the inner clean up is a worthy one. And I would almost guarantee will give you way more impact in the world than anything else you do.

When the signal we put out into the world is completely coherent, the world responds with coherence.

Simple, simple…hard harder to do. So worth it.

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