Look for character that crosses the arc of time

Fake news, mad media, super-smart AI that creates realistic videos and audios that are 100% digital – non-humans speaking any created words for any reason; we are in that confused space between drowning in BS and not knowing what is true.

How then are we to determine character? 

Here are some ideas;

How many times has this person publicly and sincerely apologised for their mistakes? (We all make mistakes. Do we have the backbone to admit them and apologise?)

The number of times the person has demonstrated that they work for a future possibility far beyond their own or their mates’ self-service and self-advancement? 

The number of times the person has been selfless in their dedication towards others? Often quietly, when no one is looking?

That their word, on record, is what they stand by. And if it changes, because we all get the right to change our mind on occasion, they speak of the change and why, clearly owning that their mind has changed. For the most part, their word is what is lived and acted upon.

That expressing vulnerability, not in a soap opera style, rather as a human who has fears and concerns, who has been broken down, has been heartbroken, is not something to be ashamed of. Instead, it means we are human.

Included in this vulnerability is the capacity and willingness to admit they do not know something or many things. They do not have all the answers. They do know how to ask questions of people who are far more skilled in the areas they lack knowledge and competence. The pretence of superiority of knowledge or access is a scam. They are comfortable standing in not knowing.

These traits cannot be glossed over by rogue media. How we show up, behave and act, consistently over time, is our character. 

Look for character that crosses the arc of time. Not gloss, obfuscation, and spell casting. 

Photo taken May 31st 2021

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