Loose tight – be brilliant together

Give someone too much rope, zero constraints, no limits, and we get chaos. Discipline declines, creativity diminishes, and focus becomes untethered. 

Similarly, bind someone too tightly, require absolute adherence to rules, smother them in red tape, and we get automatons absent any diversity.

Creativity, life, genius lives somewhere in-between. Not too tight, not too loose.

The challenge comes because every person is different, requiring a different level of constraint and boundaries. Some people function far better with a clear relatively tight boundary, others require a relatively loose boundary.

We can commence this process of supporting the best from people by beginning with a very few clear and applicable-to-all boundaries and agreements. One of those in Syntropic World is the agreement to Clean Communication.

From here we can adapt for circumstance, to optimise for synergy.

This is one of the purposes of the Trust Manifesto. To create the container, the threshold crossing, the boundary that enables people to be brilliant together.

Photo taken March 9th 2021

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