Love, care, beauty – Essential Language for business for a world with a future

Life wants to beget life. Life wants movement. Dance. Emergence. 

If beauty is not present we have created something that is not towards life.

Care is what moves us. Do we care? Do we care enough? 

And love…love is the animating force of all creation.

If our businesses and enterprises are not built on a foundation of love, care, beauty…then on what? 

If we strip love, care and beauty from the way we design our systems, our governance, our enterprise architecture..then what do we have left?

Are enterprises not nature expressed, just as humans are nature?

When did we begin to think we are not nature, and our systems that support human existence are not an expression of nature? 

Is not the core yearning of every human one to be held in love, to express with love, to be moved to care, and to be in awe of beauty? 

Perhaps then we might design everything holding these essential life-giving elements as foundational.

To do this, we need to create Syntropic Enterprise. Places and spaces for humans to beget beauty, life, love and care in their all-in-creative-expression.

October 12th 2019

Photo taken October 12th, 2019