Love is metaphysical gravity

Gravity is everywhere always. It is the field. Everything is at effect of gravity, from the smallest atom to the largest planet.

Gravity is what prevents the Earth from flying into outer space. Gravity is why my face is falling closer to earth with each passing year.

The law of gravity says that gravity increases four fold when we halve the distance between two masses. It also says that if we double the mass (physical or metaphysical) we double the gravity.

If I love my daughter, does that love increase when we are closer in proximity?

My field of love remains constant, no matter distance. However if I am in a rich intimate conversation with her, no matter by phone or over a meal, the distance between us is reduced and our in-moment experience of love goes up.

If my metaphysical mass increases in reference to her, if I am there to offer much wanted wisdom or support, words and deeds respected by her, then the in-moment experience of love will increase. It will decrease if my metaphysical mass goes down and I say or do something that triggers disrespect in her for me.

If two people “fall” in love we have collapsed the field of love from two into one, merging, no longer allowing for the field of metaphysical gravity and the maintenance of polarity, which is required for any unity, which is always plural. 

Buckminster Fuller said we orbit in love. Just as the earth orbits the sun.

Love is omni-inclusive, progressively exquisite, understanding and compassionately attuned to other than self.” – R.Buckminster Fuller

Photo taken March 19th 2021