Luck, synergy and conquering fear. A beautiful tangle

Life in COVID Australia is very different from most parts of the world. We have gone for an elimination strategy, which has been brilliant as an island nation shut to the rest of the world. 

But with Delta, change is topsy-turvy. Travel even in Australia becomes a crapshoot. Open one day, hard lock down the next.

My love and I had planned a trip to Stanthorpe, the Queensland wine region, leaving Friday. Inadvertently but also luckily, avoiding the sudden three-day lockdown in our local city announced the very next day.

We accidentally chose the right weekend, with perfect winter weather. Cold crisp mornings, warm days.

The Granite belt, as this area is known, has these monstrous rock formations. Including the Pyramid. 

Somewhere in my later life fear of sheer mountain faces took hold.

My mind shut to any possibility of facing it.

Tony has spent too long in the background of all the Syntropic World work to let fear dominate our life. 

One step at a time Christine. One step. Next step. Next step. Up we went. Not the third step, or even the future steps of coming back down.

Just the next step.

And so we did. All the way to the top.

In truth it was easy. The fear was not based on anything of substance. Just the usual noise of some future untethered from reality.

Even better, we did it together. Tony my ever-present partner, lifting me from my own fear, supporting me to rise. Synergy in action.

Luck, synergy and conquering fear. A beautiful tangle.

Photo taken August 2nd 2021, The Pyramid, Girraween National Park, Stanthorpe, Qld

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