Forever curious about the intersection of culture, neuroscience, and business, Mark has spent the last two decades applying his insights and research in a wide range of projects and organizations. He has worked with high level executives, renown creative professionals, startups, and large corporations. Former positions include Vice President of Client Affairs for Globefish Media BV, and Principal at UFUSE Visionary Strategy Management.

As the CEO of COMMON, a creative accelerator and community for social enterprises and projects, Mark joined Alex Bogusky, Rob Schuham and John Bielenberg. At COMMON, he advises a wide range of businesses spanning 20 countries and 25 industries using a blend of leadership development and organizational design methodologies. He is the creator of the Maniacal Business Attack, an immersive strategic process that aligns intent with action in the marketplace, and has been called on to help senior leadership at brands such as Calvin Klein, Taco Bell, Warner Bros. create new approaches to leadership and responsive systems for operating responsibly in complex market conditions.

He is married to Malene, a Dane, and father of two beautiful girls, a classical composer, and lover of tractors. Mark studied Zen Buddhism under the auspices of Bill Yoshin Jordan, Abbot of the Santa Monica Zen Center from 1997 to 2011. He took his first set of Priest vows in 2007 and completed his full ordination in 2008. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

“There is no shortage of creativity, know-how, and resources. A better world comes down to creating powerful experiences that remind people that they actually love and care about the welfare of other human beings. For those who embrace this view, businesses and brands are tools that we can use to generate that experience, and inspire people to take action.  I’ve been fortunate throughout my career, and as CEO of COMMON, to have been asked to participate in this pursuit.”

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Show Notes

Recently diagnosed with PTS and what that means

How the notion of being a man and masculinity has limited his ability to see the implications of having experienced trauma

The dominant masculinity that was part of the Zen centre

“Zen buddhist training is inherently patriarchal”

Men are going to be forced to approach their lives differently, for simple survival

The steady decline in Mark’s engagement out in the world as a result of PST

The serendipitous meeting with Dr Goulston

An interview with Dr Goulston

An interview by Dr Goulston

Despair – the unpairing of life

“My trauma has been a limiting factor in my ability to be paired with myself and other people”

My article on Suicide as the Canary in the Gold Mine

If you are not a good provider are you a good man?

The need for collective resilience

What does the future of the male/female relationship look like?

Relinquishing the assumed right to power

The podcast with Adam Jacoby talking power

Bonnitta Roy definition of power. Who gets to move what.

A history of avoiding power and not stepping into power that is right and appropriate

“I have yet to meet many people who could handle an appropriate and full expression of my anger or my rage.”

Philip Folsom

Mentorship without any anterior motive

Raising kids….A to G to W and then back to F

Yuval Hurari, Sapiens

Resilience is a key issue

Jonathan Haidt, TheCoddling of the American Mind

We unpack Marks relationship with shame

Not being conscious is a function of the survival mechanism

When success became a thing to pursue and attain

The Patterning Instinct – Jeremy Lent

Mark’s definition of masculinity “The ability to create experiences that produce LOVE and connection”

The Samba and the Tango – the dance

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