Martin Lucas is an award winning strategist & problem solver who has modelled the Why of human behaviours: how to leverage that data and use it to drive science-based growth for marketing and advertising.
Martin has just completed a three year study to decode the human algorithm in order to understand how we make decisions, what drives our emotions, bias, behaviours, habits and which science, psychology, philosophy and math you can use to model those insights to create positive change.

His career has been a mix of award-winning Enterprise Sales, Marketing & Product Management leadership alongside the Entrepreneurship of creating three businesses and publishing three books.


  • ●  Year on year growth for 6 companies: 35% | 947% | 33.9% | 71% | 15% | 89%.
  • ●  Charity: Westminster Abbey event, 3 years of funding, Prime Minister Paper.
  • ●  Multiple billion dollar FMCG problem solving projects.
  • ●  Elvis Jesus – Doubled online sales of this 20 year heritage brand.
  • ●  Interviewed 100’s of inspiring people as part of ‘Voices of the World’ sub project.
  • ●  Socratic strategy as a method of language, negotiation and implementation.


  • ●  Travel, food, dogs, wife <Repeat.
  • ●  Love public speaking and being on stage.
  • ●  Enjoy helping people to think differently and ultimate passion is complex problem solving and asking WHY: Why do people behave that way….





Show Notes

Completed 3 years of research.

The “male” is going to need to be more aware of their behaviour

How do we see what we can’t see?

It starts with how you treat one another

Blaming what is going on in our lives on other people

Digestion period

Instagram is the biggest generator of anxiety and depression of all the social media’s

The generation coming into adult hood now, all they have known is social media, sharing everything, the digital economy

Are we moving to a lesser level of consciousness as a society? Men not aware that what they are doing is sexist. And masses of people behaving on social media in a way that debilitates them as a person even though they think they are getting a release from it.

We are selling a perception that people are happier than what they are.

My blog on Social Media “I have been infected. I didn’t even realise it. So subtle has been the intake of poison over such a period of time that I did not notice the internal changes. I suspect I am among many others infected by the same toxin.”

5 common behaviour traits – language, art, tool making, music,religion

We do not nurture the creative component. Martin puts emotional intelligence under the creative ability

Obsession in schools with the scores – while life skills and arts doesn’t come into it.

When does the archaic industrial age end and will it ever because it is so connected into capitalism?

Every ‘ism’ is an ideology

Strauss Howe model – 4th generation change

Capitalism, consumerism, and either individualism or isolationism

Philosopher Alan Watts “What if Money Didn’t Matter” Youtube

“You can’t address the thought until you address the thinker” Alan Watts

Jackie Jenks

Emotional Intelligence nourishes people

When you are born the first thing you do is find a face and establish a connection, and understand how people feel because that makes you feel safe

My blog written on the morning of this interview “People only trigger to things that are unhealed within then.”

“I wanted to take back time”

Vulnerability – being open to those people who matter to you. An unconscious conversation that happens between the brains.

When does someone move from needing something to being needy to being neurotic?

The future of humanity might include two types of humans – the ones with the chip and the ones without the chip

Studying the human algorithm

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