A seemingly insatiable curiosity, distinctive laugh and unique dress sense are three of Desmier’s more prominent features, but it’s his ability as a branding strategist that truly sets him apart from his peers.

Having originally trained as a designer (before realising his talents lay elsewhere), Matt is able to apply a design-thinking approach to help businesses understand their positioning, their messaging and their audience’s motivations, and he uses these tools to help authentic brands evolve.

Through his agency Wise Old Uncle (a loose collective of equally talented individuals), Desmier and his team have worked with some impressive organisations, including the UK’s largest crowdfunding platform, the UK’s most respected insurance company and a global leader in mapping technology, helping them discover their voice, grow their audience and develop products and services fit for the 21st century.

A regular feature on many annual digital lists (including the BIMA’s Top 100, the Maserati 100 and the Digital Leaders Top 100, where he came Runner Up as SME Digital Leader of the Year), Matt is an influential digital champion in the UK and his counsel has been sought by the likes of 10 Downing Street and St James’ Palace, as well some other far less prestigious organisations.

When he’s not busy running around helping brands, he’s busy running around picking up after his two young children or, as a keen runner, he’s just busy running.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattdesmier



Big Blue Sky

David Hieatt

The Do Lectures

Being a single dad of two sons – Dad’s don’t get recognised as much

Wise Old Uncle

Matt didn’t have children to only experience them at weekends

“I want to take the children to school. That is my job.”

“There needs to be a proper understanding of what is important to me and what is important to you in a business to business service delivery.”

Silicon Beach UK – from the start insisted on a 50/50 gender split of speakers, and two events were all female speakers. (This was not advertised)

Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook, Lean In

The base starting point – you are a good person doing the right thing with the right intention

Got tired of going to conferences and only hearing from male voices

The 3% – at the time only 3% of creative directors were women, yet 80% of household budgets are controlled by women.

Holds the belief that – All boats rise with the tide. My product is worth more with a larger network.

“I do better as a result of raising everyones consciousness.”

The Western tech industry has not figured out the math of women as part of the engagement.

To be vulnerable is to be honest and true to yourself

Being vulnerable is not a bad thing

Demonstrating your vulnerability is to be human

If you are vulnerable it doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you are aware.

“I am a ridiculously confident person, and that gives me power.”

“I know my place and I know my worth.”

“I execute my power by not negotiating my worth with people.”

“I suffer from a strange form of paranoia. That people are going to forget who Matt is.” As a consequence has figured out his best aspects and puts them on show in a big way so people will not forget.

Matt (in ‘that’ suit, at Big Blue Sky 2015

Chronic fatigue age 19. Learned that he would rather feel terrible than to not feel at all which is what happened with the medication.

Practise mindfulness and stopping when the darkness enters. He might spend a few days wallowing in the darkness. He will let the feeling in so he can be aware of it so he can then push it out.

“I want to feel.”

Fortunate that he knows that he will go through the darkness and come out the other side again because he has been there before.

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