May the Force be with you

The age old battle between good and evil. The rich loam of billions made in Hollywood stories, the young child looking to their hero, wanting to be like that.

I am a Star Wars fan. When Empire Strikes Back was released I fell in love. Yoda remains one of my all time favourite movie icons. (As does the noisy but without words creature from Ice Age, The Scrat. You might guess why I love this creature?)

In Syntropic World we use math and geometry to describe the field, also known as the Force. 

We teach about polarity. That for anything to be in integrity, to hold its shape, we need polarity. The good and the bad. Syntropy and entropy. Not one, or the other, both.

At some stage in human history we mighty recognise that those we consider bad might just be us reflected. 

That the hero of our story is the anti-hero of someone else’s story. And that the field itself is agnostic. 

Star Wars covers these elements. The Force can be used for all humanities good, or for its ill. 

What makes the difference is the context, the ecology, the mythology that drives the actions.

Our rush to worship a hero, to believe in the rescue of us by another, is deeply embedded in our religious mythology. The saviour and the hero are the same characters in different costume.

As we grow up as humans, and as humanity, we discover that we need to be our own hero. We need to rescue ourselves. 

This is not to say that we can support and care for each other. Indeed, this is the way of a strong community. But no one can rescue those who will not take the first step, an act of sovereign choice. 

To be the hero/rescuer perpetually as a need is an expression of our own lack, our own want to be seen and celebrated. In our act of rescue we often fail to give those we rescue the backbone and resilience to rescue themselves, keeping them (and ourselves) victims.

Good people in a bad context might do things we consider bad. The colonial population of Australia was built on petty crime like stealing a loaf of bread to feed a child. The CEO of a large multi-national might make decisions that destroy our home planet, remove human dignity, and any other variety of ill, all within the accepted context of a capitalistic world. It takes both knowledge of the context, seeing it for what it is now doing, plus the enormous strength and integrity to stand for another way. 

It is time perhaps we compost our addiction to the hero. That we tap into our own Force, our own field, clean it up, fill it with love, which is infinite, and consider, before we become the judge, jury and executioner, the context from which our enemy has been born.

The force of love, compassion, empathy, grace, syntropy, exceed violence, greed, hate, fear.

May this Force be with you.

Photo taken May 4th 2021


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