Move as murmuration

Birds, fish, herds of animals…they know coordination. Exquisite to watch, we humans wonder at the perfection and ease of murmuration.

How do they do it? How do they move as one, a dance of flow?

In our current world we have the neoliberal view of the individual as sacred, an impulse for small government and winner takes all. This attitude will never reach any form of murmuration.

Our times seek us to move as murmuration. To tune into the greater flow of the field. Kairos time. The ebb and flow of the seasons.

We cannot do this when we live in our world of atomised individuals, hell-bent on win-as-much-as-you-can, short-term thinking.

Yet the fault doesn’t live simply at the level of the individual. Our entire system is designed to encourage this. 

If we want to learn as humanity to move as murmuration, we have to re-write the rules of the entire game. Rip apart the old story, seriously needing to be composted. A story led by domination, patriarchy, selfish individualism, heroics, survival of the fittest. 

Imagine inviting your team to learn to move as murmuration? Where might you begin? 

Perhaps by realising that time taken to build the bonds between people, to have these become strong, adaptive and resilient, might be the best investment we can make. 

When we have these types of covalent bonds between our team the field is imbued with love.

Moving as murmuration becomes possible.

Photo taken August 22nd 2019

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