Moving forward blind

In a world that needs new models, new maps and a compass tuned to Integrity, we move forward blind.

We sense the possibilities. The shapes emerging speak undifferentiated, lines blurry.

Yet there, in this future we have tuned towards, they are.

Calling us to keep moving forward.

We must stay in the conversation, stay on the path. We must refuse to be drawn back into the world we seek to emerge from – the one with a force field so strong only the most steadfast might escape its energetic pull.

This is the land of the frontier. The unprecedented. The shapes we are seeking to build for a world with a future have not a reference point or a manual that says, after this step, turn right. 

We move forward blind. It is a communion with the emergent, with wisdom of ages, with ancestors past and present. It is a listening. A holding. A trusting.

We need provisioning for this journey. To provision our Soul, find others also at this frontier. 

Holding hands in the dark, sharing stories, keeping ourselves fortified…this might be sustenance enough to lift our heads towards that unknown future that calls with the song of the good, the true and the beautiful for our Earth and all of her creatures.

Not alone. Together. Blindness becomes bearable. 

May 17th 2019

Photo taken May 17th, 2019