Our current economic model is designed to extract to extinction.

Extract impounded solar energy (fossil fuels) from Earth, some billions of years in the making, and costing millions of energy dollars for Earth to produce, to make a profit in the short term (several hundred years of wealth for a small few), for which the future humans and Earth will pay off the debt for centuries to come…..
And we call this technology and human advancement?

Take millions of human machines, gorgeous systems of muscles, nerves, blood, mind… deploy them in tasks that break backs, numb minds, kill spirit, pay them less than the living wage, or modern slavery…

(Yes please to the rise of the machine to do these tasks.. as humans have far greater value to offer, with dignity included.)

Build a media industrial complex that overwhelms and insults our nervous system with hundreds of messages a day, asking us to buy more stuff, compete for status, work harder just to keep up with the mythical Jones’s…while also intentionally seducing us to believe BS, and do so in such ways as to have us not realise how controlled and manipulated we are.

Build a military industrial complex where the aim is war…so that the circle of profit for those elite few can escalate as the millions die, or starve, or become unwanted refugees….then make the refugees the evil ones…

Design a corporate structure where the prime mover is ROI to the shareholder. A short term cycle, where the CEO gets paid up to 350 multiples of times the salary of his workers, to ensure the quarterly share price is going up, no matter what the cost in the long term….then say that his salary is because of the value he brings…but when he is lying in a hospital bed dying of cancer being cared for by an overworked underpaid nurse, don’t discuss where the true value lies…demean the nurse…every time..with subsistence wages and insult through lack of access to all the tax havens and networked privilege of the wealthy.

Take things once considered community efforts, like child care, and commodify them…so that the family needs to work harder than ever…just to keep a vicious cycle going…

Devise a political system where money dictates decisions, and the four year cycle is focused only on winning the next cycle…even if that means getting cosy with the devil….

Our health…stuff our diet with fake food, keep us sedated in front of some digital apparatus, make health insurance a for profit industry, ask us to pay ever increasing premiums…while we hope our superannuation returns goes up (with likely investments in health care companies..which is like taking from one hand to feed the other) trap us in a constant cycle of ill health, debt, stress, death…

Education…have it be a for profit industry, crippling students from day one in debt…ensure that we are taught things that keep us docile and compliant….where we stop asking questions around age 6 and get told, over and over, what to think, say and do….

I could go on.

Most of us know, when we stop long enough to consider…that the system of extraction to extinction is reaching its end point. We live on a finite Earth. Another billion people all wanting lifestyles of the rich and famous simply will not work.

Yet we are unsure as to what model we might deploy to replace it with. And most of us are completely trapped in the old model so much so that to extract ourselves from it might mean our own extinction.

Many people have dedicated years towards changing the model of extraction to extinction, yet it has almost cost them their own extinction. This itself is an indication of a design fault.

The model of the future enables an all thriving, omni-generative experience. An all-in-accounting view of the inputs in 6 domains and the outputs in 6 domains, providing us with a stable structure in 12 domains. Bucky Fuller talked about the 12 degrees of freedom. That it takes at minimum 6 positive and 6 negative inputs to stabilise any system.

Money is but one of the six domains. We have built a system that focuses and measures only one domain.

How do you put a dollar value on watching a sunrise with your beloveds? Or the laughter of your child? The feel of the cool wind against your cheek? That we would even consider reducing these experiences to a dollar value is an insult to the experience.

When we are reduced to our knees with ill health, what price good health? If we want healthy humans, then we cannot also have a for profit Heath care system. The two do not go together.

Our current models are designed to propagate war, ill health, statelessness, climate change, knowledge asymmetries and all the associated effects.

It is time for humans in Universe to account for it all. To honour and value it all.

Our life, our world, the future of our children…depends on this.

*At Big Blue Sky we deploy a model called Integral Accounting measuring 6 domains of inputs and 6 domains of outputs. In its application it restores human dignity, sovereignty, agency in community and personal accountability and responsibility. You can read more here.

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