Nature abhors a vacuum

To really understand human relational dynamics we need to know physics, math, and the laws of Universe.

Earth-bound humans cannot argue with gravity.

Our biology is unable to argue with polarity.

For anything to hold its shape, including our body, we need polarity.

For two humans or more to hold the shape and integrity of relationship we need polarity.

When we create conscious polarity without a consciously chosen animating principle or purpose, the vacuum created becomes an attractive force. 

What responds to the attractive force might be beauty or darkness, depending upon the field.

Into the vacuum of leadership absent any whole system intelligence will arise leadership guided by its polar opposite. 

This is how the orchestra of nature plays. The intelligence of response is part of natural systems design architecture. Still incomprehensible to us mere humans.

To a Trump we have an Ardern.

This does not mean we relinquish responsibility to Natural design. 

There is a clock ticking, and it has humanity at the zero hour. 

We can do nothing and become casualties, or do something and move towards more goodness, more truth, and more beauty for all.

Photo taken March 17th 2019