Today I was anxious. I have two decades of habit to keep me from falling into an abyss. My daily exercise. After 20 years, I no longer argue with it…even when the bed is extra comfy. Out I get…I know that I will feel worlds better for it…

It was a swimming morning, in the dark, as dawn in Winter downunder isn’t till around 6.30. I often find myself observing the reflections of the backs of my eyes as I swim backstroke under the lights. If you pay attention you can see the backs of your eyeballs…the parts the optometrist will look at …and I was marveling at the shape of the connections…the blood vessels ..triangulated..not squiggly lines like an infants drawing, but triangles. My teacher Buckminster Fuller would not be surprised.

It is amazingly fascinating that we can actually see our eye balls reflections…we can see inside our head.

It is stunning that all of this activity goes on without our focused attention…that a whole world is happening inside us…millions and millions of processes…every day..

Nature provides a pathway out of our darkness. If only we have eyes to see.


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