Art and business are generally kept in separate corners of the Universe, unless your business is art.

I attended an event last evening at the offices of Engine Group,  the wonderful creative agency that worked with me on my brand and design. There I met photographer Peter Thiedeke.

Peter has worked around the world for large global brands. In this exhibit he was invited to bring work that was self inspired versus client inspired. He brought a framed moving piece from this body of work. It was mesmerizing, capturing a fraction of a second of movement of air and water, framed by light.

Art leaves an imprint. It touches our core. It is emotive. It allows us to remember what matters.

Great art has us gasp…take a deep breath, rocks our bones. It invites conversation, connection, restoration.

Life in the world of business is so busy, so focused on results, so endlessly disconnected from beauty and art.

To fill our business with art, beauty and nature allows us to stay closer to what matters most.

More importantly it is to remind us of why we come to work at all. If not for love, for beauty, for joy…then for what?

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