Not deciding

The principle of precession says that we must be in motion for precession to occur.

Life occurs when we engage.

Stasis is death.

We confuse a very small step with non action. A clear commitment to hold, to wait, is a step. 

It is the lack of commitment, the funky place of not deciding, that kills us slowly then quickly.

If there is a decision to be made and you know you are vacillating between this and that, go deeper into the feelings. What is stopping the commitment? Be honest? It could be legitimate – not enough information – a sense something is not right – a touch of Kairos time? Or it might be fear, self sabotage, not wanting to own our power, not wanting to go against the tribe, not wanting to completely embrace the life of your dreams.

Whatever it is, the moment you declare it, you are free to name the next step. 

Photo taken February 6th 2022

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