Not socialism. An advanced civilisation

Watch children playing on the floor, fighting over a toy. 

They are missing the incredible feast of all their favourite things spread out on the table in the next room.

Each child wants the right to the toy. The battle continues.

We are those children. We fight over silly ideas that are way past their use-by date.

Ideas like socialism. Communism. Capitalism. 

The feast we are missing in the room next door is something that is none of any of these things, but takes something good from all of these things.

An advanced civilisation does the following.

Provides quality health care, education, age and child care, housing and access for everyone, with no exceptions.

Takes care of our home planet as we would our home. (That sentence is worth repeating, as it highlights the sheer lunacy of our disregard for our home planet.)

Places the increased well-being of all, in all domains, as central to every action and decision.

Regards greed, excessive wealth or indeed excessive anything as entropic to our purpose in Universe.

Considers beauty in every element of design and creation.

This advanced civilisation is a Syntropic World.

Photo taken December 10th 2022

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