Nothing beats embodied experience

The young boy who plays soldiers in his backyard, dreaming of soldiering.

Goes off to war.

And comes home a shell, his identity shredded in past scenes of horror and fear. If he can find his voice, he speaks of the futility of war. Surely there is another way for humans to sort out their differences?

Only the sociopaths and psychopaths thrive in the killing fields.

Only those who know in their bones the experience of being marginalised, discriminated against, seen as less than human…can speak of the need for all human respect and care.

To be human requires being brought to your knees. To be humbled by dirt and wilderness, at a loss for any answers, no longer even sure of the questions. To live in the agony inflicted by those who find ease in cruelty, greed and short-term thinking.

At some stage in the near future, the argument that we continue to live in the short-term world of care-less-ness about our Earth’s future will simply not stand. 

It will rise with a vengeance that spares neither wealth nor privilege. 

Those with means have their bunkers in New Zealand in preparation for this.

The young, our children, pay for our sins. 

No longer the economy as the central thesis of our existence, but survival as humanity.

You might have your business today, and your tax relief. Security knowing you will not be threatened by the ‘other’ who mostly wants what you want. Dignity, respect, safety, community, ability to contribute.

When illness strikes, and no amount of money can cure it, people would do anything…anything…

But too late. The choice for change is in the past.

Perhaps it needs to come to this for us to rise from our hubris and greed, and turn our eyes towards all-in-consideration of the fullest expression of the good, the true and the beautiful.

Our home planet. All humans. All our beautiful creatures.

May 19th 2019

Photo taken May 19th, 2019