I feel lucky, oh so lucky…the words from this very memorable song play a constant mantra in my head.

As an exercise towards my own personal mastery and personal power I looked at what I want to feel on a regular basis…not what I wanted to have, or do…but feel. I recommend this exercise.

Here is my list, sitting above my desk as I write.

Deeply valued... check

Infinitely abundant in every way…. check

Free flowing ….   check

Empowered from source … check

After I completed this exercise I caught the end of an interview of someone relatively famous. She said that she wakes up every morning feeling like the luckiest person alive. Yes, I want that feeling. Exactly that feeling.

So I am cultivating the feeling of being lucky. There is a playfulness to this that I find very attractive. It has a lightness as well as a positivity. It suits my dynamic energy.

I am lucky that I have 2 legs that work, 2 arms, my heart beats, I am alive.

I am lucky that I live in Australia, with the kinds of freedoms we have.

I am so so lucky that I have an amazing incredible, beautiful daughter.

I am lucky for my friends and family, all around the world

I am lucky for having 15 mins to sit in the warm autumn sunshine while eating my lunch.

I am lucky for all the opportunity that is at my feet.

I am lucky to have you guys reading this.

I am lucky for so many things…too many to list in one day.

While I have held a daily practice of gratitude, there is something about practicing the feeling of being lucky that sits very well with my psyche.

And in the hours I am not feeling lucky, if I am alive, I can still find something to feel very lucky about…no matter how bad the circumstance.

Of course, what we feel most is what we attract… lucky works for me. I am the lucky one.


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