On writing

I have written this blog every day, 365 days of the year, now into my fifth year.

I also write Sunday Syntropy, which often takes a half day of writing, plus post production.

Some days the words flow effortlessly. Other days I sit and contemplate. Other days it just feels off. 

I still press publish. 

I have learned many times that the articles I often think are blah! hit the sweet spot with many readers.

In our perfection obsessed world, the paralysis of not publishing until something is perfect is such a foolish game. 

Who’s perfection are we judging? Mine? Or the readers? 

How do we know it is perfect? 

Is perfect a foil for fear? “What will they think?”

In the Dare to Care program, “how to speak the radical truth with compassion” I teach that we need to care more about the other than what they think of us. The act of generosity is an act of giving to, regardless of what people might think of us.

Writing is like that. We put a signal into the world, caring more about the message in service to others than to what others think of us. 

I do not always get the writing right. Some days it seems to soar, other days not. 

Like any art, it is the persistence and commitment that speaks to the body of work.

Photo taken March 6th 2022

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