Once in a lifetime

As I sit on a remote headland on the East Coast of Australia watching the light change, Venus and Jupiter appear to snuggle each other for the first time in one thousand years, blessed with a clear sky after a night of rain, and the winds now from the south bringing cold air, we are celebrating my love’s Birthday. The third time we have got to celebrate together.

A once in a lifetime event. 

A Universe based on cycles and seasons. 

Human lives mere specks of dust in the vastness.

Yet this moment matters. As does every moment. 

Whatever force created this crazy, beautiful throbbing life, to hold the tension between the vastness of the heavens and the significance of small moments is to be held in the tension of exquisite awe.

Awe – my words stollen by dimension, scale, infinity and beauty.

Love- the metaphysical gravity that holds it all.

I dance between the two. Awe and love. 

My insignificance against the backdrop of the sunrise, significant.

Photo taken May 1st 2022

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