One of the great divides

Our current systems of politics, governance, monetary control and taxation is hidden behind veils of smoke and mirrors.

We know we pay road tax which is designed to go into the repair and maintenance of roads. 

Yet does it? Where is it spent? 

The political right and corporate class think governments are waste machines. But the corporate class who profit from age care will cut every corner in the book to make that profit, including cutting the costs of feeding and caring for the elderly. Governance is required to prevent the hollowing out and profit at all costs, including our future and life. It is not better management. It becomes cruelty and greed.

In Australia our current government has outsourced services to the big consulting firms who get paid excessive fees to do work that a strong government would have the capacity to do. We call this good management. The capacity to do this within government has been so hollowed out it might take years to develop it again.

Younger people, or people who embrace technological trends, know our political class are hiding in the dark ages. 

Placing the government finances on transparent blockchain, rendering it incorruptible, open to review, is the future. 

The political class and all the scavengers that profit obscenely from the obfuscation and magic tricks played in this great game loath the thought of this future. 

Those who live in the world of technology now see our political leaders as the empty shells that they often are, peddling fast to keep an old system alive while maintaining power and control. 

This great divide is about to be reset. It is past time.

Photo taken May 4th 2022

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