People like you and me. Mothers, fathers, lovers. Young, older, older still. Big and small. With access or without. Brave and terrified. Not knowing. Uncertain.

The difference that makes the difference…

We, ordinary people, know that we cannot keep doing the same things and expect a different result.

We cannot take our beautiful idea – the one that keeps us awake at night – and overlay it with the same codes, the same business 101 tools and thinking that got the world to this current precipice, and expect a different result.

We know we must do everything differently. But we have no idea how to, or with what new or old tools. And we are terrified that we might fail. That we are too late. That we will be called crazy. Naive. Stupid. That business-as-usual will kick us down. Or slowly wear us out until we are husks.

But mostly we have no idea where to start. How to start. Where to get support, encouragement, truth telling, reflection.

Yet still we keep our eyes turned to the more beautiful world that we know is possible. Against these overwhelming odds.

Because if not us, who? And if not now, when?

Ordinary people. Not captains of industry. Not politicians. Not those with the money and power. Not the influential.

Just ordinary people who care enough.

We must dare to care enough to act. To keep acting against the odds.

The work we hold in our hearts is bigger than us, bigger than me, or you. It asks us to step fully into the arena, even if naked and terrified.

To say yes to a more beautiful future for Earth and all her creatures.

We stand for integrity – all the way up – all the way down – all the way through. We are willing to be the model. To build models through our being.

We no longer tolerate lies. Obfuscation. Spin. From ourselves or others. We ask ourselves to be exemplars of integrity. To be held to account.

We stand for love and care. Dignity. Rights and responsibilities. Generational thinking and planning.

We can and will handle the truth.

Any human endeavour, any enterprise – requires more than one human to act, participate and commit wholeheartedly to its emergence into form.

This is where we begin.

How do we bring people together to work on a project or idea that they deeply care about for a world with a future, and do so in a way that leaves everything, including themselves, better?

How do we honour the multiple dimensions of value contributed that we currently ignore as having any value at all?

The value of Mother Natures’ work? The value of the wind? The value of the birds and ants? The value of love and care? Of beauty? The value of heritable wisdom – be it the wisdom of a tree, an elder or a child? The value of art? The value of your unique life skills and experience that gives you that extra something that cannot be duplicated?

How do we speak to each other to edify while also holding each other to our better natures, our better selves?

How do we make decisions? Settle disagreements? Dignify diversity? Invite inclusion?

How do we lead in a way that invites the very best of all participants to be synergised in the ecology we have created, where collectively we are far greater than solo?

How do we consider the consequences of our choices, and actually be sure we are part of a solution instead of re-creating the problem dressed in different clothing?

How do we create trust?

And live integrity in everything?

These are the questions we are asking and answering in Syntropic World. We are ordinary people like you.

Yet, like you, we truly care. We know the power of love and beauty. We know that humans who work together synergistically hold the most potential to create transformative change for a world with a future.

We dare to care enough to build enterprise for a world with a future for earth and all her creatures.

We refuse to exploit. To extract to extinction. To colonise.

We are not invested in creating winners and losers, in ‘killing it’, in ‘blowing people away,’ in ‘impacting’ (hitting hard), in fighting, in going hard. We are not empire building or making conquests. We know being assertive is just a very small skill in an effective leader, rarely required in a healthy ecology. We are comfortable in our vulnerability and not knowing. We speak compassion and love fluently.

Ordinary people who have reached that place and time in their own lives where business-as-usual and more of the same is no longer an option. There is a better way, a different way, a far more elegant way.

We are Syntropic World. 

We can help you get started. Practical tools and models crafted over billions of years by our Mother Nature. Tested against feast, famine, asteroids, plague, humans gone rogue.

Not business 101, but enterprise design in partnership with Nature. Syntropic. Like light, like love, like beauty – infinite when shared, leaving everything better.

And not just practical tools and models endorsed by the chief designer, our Mother Nature, but also an incredible global community of practice and application – now in 24 countries. Ordinary people like you and me up to extraordinary things. 

Committed to leaving everything better through everything we do together.


We dare to ask the most ridiculously bold questions like how to create new legal codes that enable trust and do not incorporate – do not take human bodies and give the metaphysical collective entity rights over anything, including the human participants or the future, all to serve a few power brokers.

Or how to honour multiple dimensions of value without falling under the spell of greed and a mono-currency created in scarcity to divide, enslave, exploit, extract and debase.

Or what is capital and true wealth? Is it possible for wealth to be the birthright of all life, and if so, how?

Ridiculously bold questions are our playground. Nature is the University and we, the gorgeous community of Syntropic World, get to build new models that make the existing obsolete.

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