Our Earth needs steward leaders

Leadership requires leading something.

Too often the leader neglects to take the time to deeply understand the Pattern Integrity of what they are leading as the ground to begin leading.

Or they impose their own wants, needs, unmet desires and insecurities upon the Pattern Integrity and in the process distort the field and create dissonance.

If they do not have a strong sense of stewardship towards the Pattern Integrity of what they are leading they can easily be swayed to collude with others towards a path that violates the Pattern Integrity.

If they do not trust their own capacity as a steward leader, or they do not care enough about the Pattern Integrity of what they are leading they can be seduced and brought, prostituting themselves and the very Pattern Integrity that they have been charged with stewarding in the process.

The leader as steward knows humility. They do not need to lead from the front, or from behind. Rather they move between as the Pattern Integrity requires, one minute directing, and the next moment holding.

Our world currently celebrates the leader as hero, the leader as boss, the leader as power, the leader as money. False idols all.

Our Earth needs steward leaders. Those souls able to hold the Pattern Integrity of the creative force and the team they are leading as sacred ground, willing to learn from mistakes, to step fully into the fray, to be humble, to be the exemplar, to always seek to look at how they are leading, how they engage, as the starting point for their own leadership development.

April 21st 2018



Photo Taken May 10th 2016


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