Our political systems are broken

Humans’ quest for democracy has been a worthy one.

In this age we can do so much better. Corruption has always been present, power-hungry intentions that care naught for citizens while taking care of the boys club is the norm. 

Some possible reforms.

We would start with an equally educated citizenry. Where all people of all shapes, sizes, creeds and abilities get access to education that includes how to be citizens. Our rights and responsibilities. The elimination of private schools that give the privileged access to the more privileged. Let us make our public schools exceptional places for all students. 

We might put all public funds on a blockchain, fully transparent to all. No government agency can hide. No money can make it behind the veil to influence decisions. 

An educated citizenship means that our ability to make decisions, to have issues based voting that removes the need for partisan politics becomes possible. Rather than a party line, the government’s key actions are to ensure a fully educated public and the platform for wise choices. The government’s role to implement. Procurement also on the blockchain to ensure full transparency.

In a healthy civil society the basics of life are cared for. Health care…and let us make it health care not sickness care…education, age and child care, care of those with lesser ability, long term care of our planet and the future for all…these things are the embedded rights of life and citizenship. Our requirement for receipt is our active participation as citizens. Community service, issues-based voting. For all, not just those at the bottom. (A revision of compulsory military service…public works, public and community service, no exceptions.)

We have the technology to do this now. Do we have the will? And will those who love their power be willing to step aside and stand for the people and our collective future?

What will it take? 

My contention is that we need to build these types of models at the grassroots level, from the beginning. Put them in action. Live them. Duplicate, iterate. Scale.

Be the change. 

This is our aim at Syntropic World. Build the new models that make the existing obsolete. Then scale them.

Photo taken September 3rd 2021

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