People like us treat other people with respect

People like us do things like this.

Seth Godin uses this quote often.

People like us treat other people with respect. We do not lie, cheat, or attempt to stab someone in the back. If our insecurities come out and we do some harm to another from a more primitive part of ourselves, we have the courage and decency to speak of it, and ask for forgiveness.

We are willing to be challenged by those we trust.

When we work together, we respect our individual contributions. We respect that together we are better. That no one person is the almighty, the entire solution.

We know collaboration. Integrity. Trust.

We invite diversity. Even better, we do not proceed unless diversity is present.

And when we come across people who are not like us, those who treat fellow humans with disrespect, lying, cheating and seductive spell casting, we have the courage to call it out.

Because the reason people get away with their ugly, discriminatory behaviour is that people like us stay silent.

People like us dare to speak up to lies, hypocrisy, discrimination and cruelty while we turn to the more beautiful future we are creating. 

Photo taken June 8th 2021

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