Humility enables spaciousness.

There is room for another…another opinion, another voice, another perspective.

Humility begins from the place of “my voice, deed, act is only one possibility of many.”

Humility acknowledges that no one ever does anything without infinite support from another. The other might be nature, biology, history, friends, family…

Hubris squeezes out everything else. It starts from the position of righteousness. Arrogance. Inability to listen. Unwillingness to seek to understand. Ultimately it is based on a world view that eliminates all other possibilities.

Leadership for a world that works for everyone requires humility as a ground of being. It starts from the position of not having all the answers, and seeking first to understand. Following this act of humility, we apply wisdom, the ability to discern, but only AFTER listening to multiple perspectives. Then we may just have a leader worthy of the title Leader.





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