Permission to be sad

I woke this morning in a deep pool of sadness. For one thousand reasons.

The state of the world and the seemingly endless care-less-ness about people and our home planet.

The effort required to change things towards a more beautiful world, effort made by so many good people who get attacked maliciously for their gorgeous soulful effort.

Good people who show up every day doing extraordinary things and are devalued by our current systems. Teachers, nurses, carers. 

The horror of war. 

The tragedy of extinction of our beautiful creatures.

The changing status of relationships in my life. The need to let go of what no longer serves. 

A taste of disappointment from a hope that was dashed. 

All squeezed into a ball that I cannot suppress, tears leaking.

I give thanks for my amazing, lucky, beautiful life. To the love and support I have.

I am allowing my sadness to be real, felt and expressed. To let this storm of tears roll through, knowing it too shall pass.

It too shall pass, the sun will rise another day, and the rain, seemingly endless in my part of the world, will stop.

Photo taken May 20th 2022

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