Playing the long game

Refusing to get caught in the adrenalin hit that has become the normal treadmill of life.

The forever rush to grow fast, accumulate, be seen as significant, gather power.

Instead playing the long game. Laying foundations. Adding real value that enriches lives now, and will continue to do so in the future.

Investing – real investing – more akin to planting seeds that will grow a forest – than the frenzy we call investing in today’s culture. Offering that which we have in surplus to enrich the future for everyone. Patient capital.

Developing our own selves, taking the time. Learning skills. Always learning new skills. 

Opening ourselves to being mentored, no matter our age and status. 

No arrival, only staying in the flow and dance of life. 

No arrogance. Only the bend of our spines to the winds of time and change.

In a short term world playing the long game is a revolutionary act.

Photo taken April 3rd 2022

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