Politics and spin doctors – taking responsibility for our seduction

To be seduced or spell cast – to be deceived, led astray – is a common occurrence.

We have industries dedicated to seduction and spin. 

Spin doctors are masters of their craft. Their purpose is to cast a spell over people to get them to do things that the spin doctor wants them to do. Purchase. Vote. Forget.

Politics is the penultimate field of spin and spell casting. 

Master magicians ensure we are looking elsewhere while the magic is performed. 

So do politicians. Distract over here. Emphasise another drama so we forget this drama. Play time. Manipulate the headline.  

We citizens must consider our own agency. What responsibility do we need to take for being seduced? 

When we wake from the spell, what might we do to prevent its recurrence? 

How many times do we step over lies, corruption, dodgy deals, mates being given the best jobs, hypocrisy?

For every time we do we make the seduction and spell casting, the spin doctoring just that little easier. 

We say yes to it in our silence,

And we wonder how we have crime and corruption in our politics as normal behaviour.  We find ourselves defending a politician for being strong when they are mired in corruption, so thoroughly spell cast are we.

Integrity isn’t a code that stands only in some areas while the lying hand does the deal under the table. 

Integrity is one, all, everywhere. 

If we want integrous leadership we must not step over anything that is not in integrity.

We get the standard we agree to.

Photo taken October 2nd 2021

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