80 people hold the wealth of the bottom 50% of the planet…3.5 billion people. (A number I simply cannot imagine) (Oxfarm)

80 people.

That was how many guests I had at my wedding.

It is the same as three average school class rooms put together.

No matter which way you look at this fact there is something deeply wrong with it. The word obscene comes to mind.

And anyone who thinks that this is the model that will take humanity to a long term healthy happy and peaceful future has their heads up their arses…to put it bluntly.

I was thinking about this…thinking about feeling like a very small pawn in a very large game…and decided instead to think about what 80 people without any wealth can do.

It took one person in Tienanmen Square…it almost certainly cost him his life…but his action was and continues to be globally significant.

Polly Higgins is going to change the world…with support in multiple forms from many…

80 people each know at least 100 other people. So 80 people who come together with an aligned, coherent message that speaks to the hearts and souls of many, can start a movement.

That movement can speak to the hearts and souls of many more…and with a coherence of message and a ‘service to the whole of humanity’ intention, 80 people can literally change the world.

They can do it with a budget of zero. None of the usual ‘we need to fund this movement’ suspects need apply.

But they need to not only be clear and aligned around their purpose, they need to have the capability, capacity and forethought to consider with what they are replacing the current consensus delusion.

Movements need a higher order intelligence than the order they are unraveling. The ‘bang the drum’ protest as a method of anger release and righteous indignation will not cut it.

Gandhi knew this. He was another who refused to be intimidated by the 80 at the top of the ‘money and power-from-money chain’. He also knew that to concede to any illusion that money was required to fund his movement was simply buying in to the very game he desired to end.

If I didn’t believe that my daily actions will change the needle, I might have trouble getting up each day. But I know that my contribution counts. That I have my own tribe of 80, that we have each other. And that there are many, many more…seeking ways to engage.

Any change, any movement…always…always.starts with one, or two…

Let’s get to work.

Photo credit: Creative Commons License Robert Scoble via Compfight





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