Preventing the fractures of the future becoming embedded in the form

If we are parents our questions might be how to create the field, the ecology, the environment in which our child is able to thrive and meet their intrinsic potential. 

If we are stewards of an idea that we aspire to bring to life we might ask the same questions. 

How do we create that ecology, the environment, in which our precious idea finds fertile ground and can become all it is capable of. 

We must also consider the larger ecology that surrounds us. The flows of global change, culture, economies. 

A atom cannot exist without the electromagnetic field and isolated from the ecology of other atoms. 

Farmers and gardeners know these questions. They spend their time ensuring the soil, temperature and light conditions are in place before they plant seeds. 

But humans, in their haste to build something, often neglect cultivating the conditions, atuning to the larger flows, sensing the right time, Kairos time, before they begin. 

Getting the people, the structures, the agreements and field in place well before going hard is vital to cultivating the intention your idea holds.

Perhaps even slowing right down, testing, noticing, allowing what needs to emerge to emerge. 

To throw an idea into form without these deeper considerations might not impede the idea becoming form, however it is likely to have the fractures of the future become embedded in the form. Partnership breakdowns, saying yes to finance and relationships that violate the Pattern Integrity of the idea, creating something that takes the idea off course, slowly, slowly then quickly..these and other structural and relational faults will become inevitable.

Photo taken April 3rd 2021

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