I have been learning to surf. It is a very tricky sport as not only is there the skill of surfing, there is the skill of reading waves and adapting to conditions. The conditions are never the same. 

It has been a very bumpy journey. Some days I am in despair. Dumped and tumbled like industrial washing. 

Other days some small progress. 

Each day an investment into the learning bank account.

I had been longing for the conditions to be workshop conditions for learning. Nice easy gentle waves. 

That day arrived yesterday. Hours spent working on the finer elements. Over and over. Drilling my brain to get the initial pop-up wired. To change things up that seemed stuck.

It was joyous. 

Learning and progress are like that. Like life. Never linear. Some days awesome and easy. Other days intensely frustrating. Other days small steady steps forward with a few backwards.

The arc of the journey is what matters. The wholeness of our life, our commitment to what matters, and the humility with which we approach it.

Photo taken February 20th 2022

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