Propaganda and education – distinctions

Knowledge asymmetry exists in both propaganda and education.

And with knowledge asymmetry comes a power differential. 

An educator holds the intention that both the knowledge and power asymmetries are removed at minimum. They might even hold that the student becomes more knowledgeable than the teacher/education platform.

Propaganda has no such intention. There is a deliberate attempt to keep the knowledge and power asymmetry skewed to the propaganda disseminators.

When knowledge is kept behind a vault, away from public access, the opportunity for propaganda to become a machine for manipulation escalates. 

When public institutions are shown to be deceptive, trust in them falls.

In these conditions propaganda will win every time.

A key indicator that we might be under the spell of propaganda is when full public access to ALL the information is not available, when elements profit from the maintenance of power asymmetries, obfuscation and deception are accepted political currencies and there is an accepted stance that the public is not able to handle the complexity of knowledge. Unless all-access to all the information is available, opinion becomes an unqualified guess.

Photo taken October 30th 2021