Putting a price on Nature

Next time you are standing in front of a mirror, ask yourself – what is the dollar value of your being? Be specific. Is it one hundred, one million? More? Less?

How does it feel to give your body-being-life a price tag? 

What about your child? Your partner? Your beloved mother or father or friend?

How does it feel to reduce life to a number that lives on a balance sheet?

Imagine life without trees. Birds. The ocean. Even weeds.

The living Universe is our health and vitality.

When we price a human we debase life and each other.

When we attempt to price Nature, we do the same.

This is not a solution. It is a continuation of the very impulse that has reduced us to thinking this is the solution. More of the same, keeping the wheels on the current bus turning to profit the few.

Like trying to re-arrange deck chairs on a dingy. 

If this is all human imagination can come up with, putting a price on Nature, then we are already bankrupt.

Photo taken January 29th 2023