Raised on gratitude

Imagine if we were raised on gratitude. 

Giving thanks for life, for our precious home planet, for bird song, for laughter, for tears… the central song of all our gatherings.

Imagine if in our families we begin each day with gratitude. Nothing too small or big to be grateful for.

In our schools…a gratitude ritual. Each child speaking to something they are grateful for.

In our workplaces, gratitude, like reverence, the organising principle of all we do.


To the rain on our cheek. To the sun, our life generator. To trees. That pesky mosquito. To the person in our workplace who drives us crazy, reminding us that we too have moments where we are so very annoying…

Grateful for the rollercoaster. For things to do. For a future that desperately needs our love.

Gratitude, not as some chore. Rather a practice embedded in our everything? 

I imagine being raised on gratitude would birth a different world.

Photo taken September 29th 2021

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