In Seth Godin’s blog of the 15th December 2014, he writes about how at this time companies start to plan for the next year.

Here is 50% of what he listed companies are asking their leadership to consider.

Act in collaboration
Break existing paradigms
Commit to quality
Define new aspirational goals
Deliver on opportunities
Develop and align talent
Enhance the digital experience
Focus on our strengths
Grow through innovation
Identify new opportunities
Innovate through growth
Invest in people
Leverage existing assets
Operate more efficiently
Position the organization for future growth
Recharge the culture
Structure the organization for effective performance
Understand new innovations

I read this and know from years of experience working with organisations, that like the regular human being, they choose a goal from a list like the above, and not four weeks later they are back in the same old habits, delivering the same stuff, at the same quality, treating their people exactly as they have done, and completely sitting on the bench when it comes to breaking existing paradigms or growing through innovation. Acting like most other companies, a breeding ground of mediocrity and sameness.

For most, change is a wish, not an action.

For real change to occur we must go deep into the weeds of our interiors. Why? Why are we here? Why do we convene each day in this organisation? What is it we are really wanting to manifest? What are the values that we will make sacred ground? What do we want to be known for?

This is an uncomfortable process. It raises issues we have spent a life trying to ignore. It makes the environment more healthy for some and dangerous for others. People will argue, chaos will be present, some may opt out.

At the level of the individual, if you make a significant change in your life you have to be prepared to lose the family, friends and tribe who knew you as the person before the change. Unless they want to come along with you, they will fight to bring you back to the pre-change state.

Real change is hard. Messy. Uncomfortable. Uncertain. Hard to do in isolation. Definitely not recommended to do in isolation.

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