Receiving gifts as an act of syntropy

The light from the sun, offered freely. Clean air. Water to drink. The beauty of birds singing. The cool breeze. All gifts.

When we forget the gifts of our beautiful home planet, when we put a paywall between them and our nourishment and receipt, when we trash our earth, oceans and forests, we forget what it means to give and receive.

When a gift is offered in the pure intent of a generous and abundant universe, the recipient, by accepting the gift, is invited into a circle of life and creation. 

To take without honouring this sacred spiral of life is the dominant archetypal pattern that has lead us to this precipice where our survival is touch and go.

The practice of giving and receiving as a profoundly sacred act restores our memory of both our stewardship of and our absolute dependence on nature’s bounty.

Next time someone offers you a gift with openhearted intent, consider your acceptance of the gift deeply. To take and ignore the greater invitation that lives in the Pattern Integrity of the gift perpetuates our scarcity based greed. To take and participate in the spiral of generosity is to be syntropic.

Photo taken September 18th 2021

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