Reclaim society

1530s, “companionship, friendly association with others,” from Old French societe “company” 

We have hollowed out community in our quest for success and the battle between autonomy and regulation. 

The normal checks and balances that live within a healthy society have been discarded, where the family, the community and the civic duties of people to hold others to account outside the requirement for a legal code have been reduced to a sliver of substance.

The ethics of honour, respect, dignity, integrity and awareness of our effect on others is a secondary consideration as we either demand sovereignty without responsibility or pass the buck to another authority.

The solution is not to demand more sovereignty absent responsibility. Nor is it to seek more legal codes, more regulations, more shoulder shrugging that it is someone else’s problem. 

Instead it is to reclaim society. To reaffirm civics and our individual and collective responsibility as citizens. To build back community. To design tools like the Syntropic Trust Manifesto that enable a non-legal code of conduct to be affirmed. 

We already have some form of Trust Manifesto operating in most communities and families. The issue is that it is amorphous, unnamed, hidden in subtext and expectations, only becoming evident when the expectations are not met. “Our family does not do that!” 

Formalising an agreement, a code of conduct, and applying it with loving rigour is to negotiate the balance between sovereignty and regulation. 

Photo taken May 9th 2022

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