Since mid 2015 I have been employed by the Universe to steward a new business into existence.

The deal required me to bring all the skills of 30 years, plus rapidly learn a few more.

The hours have been long, and the income pretty low. In the beginning is was 100% a labor of love, not just by me, but by the many people who gathered to support the birth of our creation.

The commitment meant leaving the shore with no option of return. All safety measures taken away. Yet for once in my life the certainty in the face of absolute uncertainty was unquestioned. I knew. Every cell in my being knew. That we would pull this off. And it would be magnificent. And that it would speak to our guests on a level they had not experienced for a very very long time.

My job was to hold the purity of the vision with a steady hand and open heart.

We started with an event, November 5th 2015. Accidentally, but designed I am certain by the energetic guardians of Big Blue Sky, we chose November 5th. Remember, remember the 5th of November. Guy Fawkes night. A serious ruckus to disrupt the status quo. Coded into our DNA. A little seed of revolution.

We were not trying to blow anything up literally, we were trying to blow up an old and weary narrative of the helplessness of citizens and community against a world specifically designed to extract until nothing was left…extract goodness from soil, a balance of oxygen from air, the soul out of business, truth out of politics, a long term ‘for humanity’ view out of enterprise, joy out of our work, and courage out of leadership.

We were attempting to enact opportunity for people, regular people, all gifted in their own way, to come together to co-create the future they know is possible for a more beautiful world. And to do so in partnership with others…many others…government others, business others, industry others, student others, citizen others…

11 months later we held event #2. Again, extraordinary.

During the course of those inbetween months, trying to figure out how to make this into a viable enterprise, we were working with our own survival. As such, we took our eyes off the need to nurture the community of people who trusted us from the outset. No right or wrong here. I took my eyes off the most important enterprise gifted to me. Thinking I needed to look elsewhere to make a living. Not trusting that Big Blue Sky itself would offer me the way.

Over these last 12 months I have attempted to sense into what is emerging and how to be the best steward of this space.

I have had time this past week to really sink into the business model. This process cannot be rushed. I am increasingly mindful that we are navigating this territory between order and chaos, the liminal space, and that there is a deep requirement for this space to be held as a constant within the Big Blue Sky model. It is the creativity, the novelty. The birthing chamber. It is the space that most people and organisations squeeze out of their lives/design. It is both terrifying in its uncertainty, and beautiful in its spaceousness. I am learning that almost everyone wants to fill this space. To have rows of neat little boxes. But when we do this even at the organisational design level, then we are in fact squeezing out the very field from which innovation and creativity comes.

I have trained, for years, to live at the threshold of uncertainty. To be uncomfortable in uncertainty. To not know, moment to moment. What I am learning is that Big Blue Sky wants to emerge, whole and strong, as an iterative entity. That I am, for now, its steward. And that to yield to the forces that want to define every action, reduce it to simplicity (in distinction to the simplicity on the other side of complexity) is a violating impulse.

Great poetry is great because it uses simple language that exists on the other side of complexity…and in so doing invites all of us to a high order of our humanness. This is what Big Blue Sky asks of us. It is the calling card to our greater selves, agents of action in enterprise and community for the future of all of humanity. This was the messages that lived strong in 2015, that was less strong in 2016. And that we can never forget.

Let the learning continue. Nature has its own gestation. When birthing a new idea that has no previous blueprint we are writing the path. That implies zigging and zagging, rarely being on the correct path, but always heading in the right direction generally.

Or, in the language of the poets,

Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field.

I will meet you there.


Photo credit: Paul Williams. Art work, Devon Bunce.

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