Sunday Syntropy August 29th

Revolutionary Love

The word revolution originates from the revolving of celestial bodies around each other. To move in a circular course. There is Universe, gravity and respect in the revolution.

The meaning of revolution as ‘an instance of a great change in affairs’ was first used in the 15th Century. A revolution to overthrow a political or economic system was first used in the 1600s. 

In our work at Syntropic World we teach polarity as a fundamental principle of any dynamic healthy system. We need polarity to hold the shape, to maintain integrity. Polarity includes the good to the bad, the in to the out, the up to the down, the black to the white, the young to the old, the binary to the nonbinary, the agreeable to the disagreeable…

Too much of the positive and we get collapse, too much of the negative and we get explosion. 

We might ‘orbit in love’, as Bucky Fuller said. The path of orbit a boundary, threshold crossing, right of passage or design that is fluid enough to invite creativity, tight enough to create agreement. 

This boundary condition that creates an orbit is the Trust Manifesto of Syntropic World, a template to design polarity into your enterprise. 

To orbit in love is to revolve, to be in revolution. 

On consideration of this possibility, perhaps if we get this orbit in right dynamic tension, not too loose, not too tight, yet alive and adaptive, we might indeed create a revolution. A great change of affairs. Even an overthrow of the political and economic system.

Indeed, if we approach our work as revolutionary love, create the space for diversity, and the rules for respect and dignity, zero extraction to extinction, zero exploitation, and zero colonisation in how we design and redesign every system we are currently operating within and under, we might just inadvertently and precessionally overthrow the incumbent extract-to-extinction, exploit and colonise, economic and political models.

Love…that word that has been used as both a cheap trick and spoken with oceans of the field, the metaphysical gravity, the glue, the space between. 

If love does not exist in your enterprise, then why? Why participate? Why ask others to participate? If love doesn’t exist as the ground of government, of economy, of currency…then why not? 

This is not some crazy ‘new age’ hippy thinking…

Love is essential to existence. Without it we are husks. An infant without love dies. 

An enterprise without love is the machine we have for too long sort to create…humans as machine, systems as machines…the animating life force disappeared. Soul absent. 

Husks, earning a living, as if life itself is to be earned through the payment of some human-constructed artefact of value. (I wonder will we ever reach a place where we look back at this time with stunned amazement that we ever considered we would do this to ourselves and each other?) 

I have never met a human who wants this. To be reduced to a machine, a cog, a number. Yet we continue to create these husks of humans and enterprise. We continue to apply husk rules to our businesses, thinking we might get a different result. We continue to talk impact (which means hitting – I am not entirely sure that that is what the world of change really needs now…more violence) yet use the same models and tools that got us here, never questioning…

Not so much ‘earn a living’ as earn the right to be an active participant in community by bringing your unique wholeness…rights and responsibilities the entangled polarity pair. 

Revolutionary love…

Perhaps build a home on revolutionary love…each occupant revolving in respect around each other, neither falling into or out from…maintaining our agency yet working in community..

And more than a home…a community…perhaps even our enterprises..

Unapologetic for declaring revolutionary love as one of the key ingredients. 

Imagine revolutionary love for our customers, our clients, the multitude of people who are at effect of what we are doing. Not just those affected today…but those who will be affected 100 hundred years hence?

Tired am I of the voices of change neglecting to look at the very tools they are using to create the change. Our legal codes. Our forms of provisioning. Our ways of leading. How we account for and honour value. How we coordinate. How we design polarity in as an essential. Make agreements. Manage breakdowns. Think of all the perspectives and possibilities of our actions before we take them. Take responsibility. Be accountable. Have integrity be the non-negotiable pattern of everything…all the way down, all the way up. Fractals on Fractals.

I do know that so many wholehearted wonderful humans are toiling for good, as I did for decades, not even realising I was spending my days polishing the deck chairs on the Titanic. Hoping for change. Not knowing the iceberg had been struck and the sinking of the boat I had desperately been trying to change/save was in lag to my awareness. 

Are we bold enough to declare our enterprises start with elements such as Revolutionary Love? Pattern Integrity? With the knowing that we must stop trying to fix the broken, and instead create the enterprise on a new boat – using new models, maps, and mindsets…?

That to impose a “Limited Liability Corporation’ even if wrapped in a Bcorp, is to invite the ancestry of the limited liability code into the beautiful Pattern Integrity of what we are stewarding. Accidental. Inadvertent. Hoping for a different result. Inviting the codes that infect the very thing we are seeking to change.

The very Pattern Integrity of our current corporate legal code is part of the problem. As is how we provision, the purpose of capital, our accounting.

Is this a scary place, all systems change? To reject all of these business-as-usual tools? What do we replace them with? And will this really create change? Or will it mean total disintegration? As if the path we are currently on is not towards total disintegration. Endless growth on a finite planet…etc, etc..

Our aged-old problems of poverty, exploitation, and extraction to extinction are built into the pattern integrity of all our systems. Capitalism requires poverty – the win-lose game – for it to work. Conscious capitalism is only a wishful thinking form or re-arranging the deck chairs on that Titanic. Often created by wonderful wholehearted people with the very best of intentions.

The fault is in the design. If we want a world with a future we might re-consider how we design all of the systems and tools we use to enable human thriving. 

Start with revolutionary love as a foundation stone. With integrity as non-negotiable. With the knowing that every creature has both intrinsic value and something unique to contribute to a world that works for earth and all her creatures. 

Our major systems, our legal codes, governance, economics, leadership, provisioning, accounting for value, enterprise design, incentives, reward and recognition, resourcing, coordinating…all need to be considered. 

Yep…a big huge task. Not for the faint-hearted.

Definitely worthy of revolutionary love.

This is the work of Syntropic World. 

If this type of crazy revolution, built on the foundation of love and integrity, speaks to your soul, then join us for the next Masterclass. Your voice matters to the larger conversation about how we do this for a world with a future. 


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