Rights and responsibilities

I want my right to not do this. To do that. 

Yet I live in a community where there are other people who might have different desires for different rights.

What to do?

The age-old human question. 

How do we maintain our rights while also being responsible for other people having equal access to their rights?

Because if we are not willing to do this then we are hypocrites.

Trouble is, many of our political and economic class use this game of ‘to keep conquered, keep divided.’ It works for them to have their rights and deny the same rights to others. 

More often than not the denial lands on those with the least access, least able to speak and be heard. 

‘All in this together’ is not a true statement unless the playing field is level from the get-go. Unless everyone takes a stand for the increased responsibility that comes with increased rights.

If we live in a community of privilege then our responsibility is greater to those who do not.

Photo taken August 22nd 2021

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