Saturated in beauty

Sometimes, often times, beauty reduces us completely.

Today is one of those days. 

The air is crisp in the Southern Hemisphere, the touches of our ‘you could hardly call it winter’ winter. The sky is cloudless. The Pacific Ocean doing her lake impersonation. Soon there will be whales heading north to breed. 

As the sky on the horizon goes through her performance, muted at first, then increasingly dazzling, until the sun crests, I, and those lucky enough to witness, are invited to stop everything. Just for a moment. 

When I have been lost in the darkness of my own alienation, when life felt impossible and I felt truly small, beauty has restored me to hope.

Beauty is the weightless intangible source of hope. Offered freely to all who would lift their heads from busy-ness to acknowledge. 

She is constant, yet every changing. She takes you completely by surprise…those moments when you see your beloved’s face from a certain angle and are once again reduced by beauty…

She sometimes comes dressed in a costume of disguise, appearing old and wrinkled. But that glint in the eye…that mischief… or tear…and you gasp with the sudden flash of beauty revealed.

On this day, as I am saturated in beauty, I wait for my beloved’s return. 

And the whole world, in her gorgeous majesty, is pregnant with infinite possibility.

Photo taken April 23rd 2021

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