Scaffolding a life

Nature has a hierarchy. The atom is part of the molecule that is part of the cell, that is part of an organ that makes a creature.

Without the atom, we are nothing. The atom does not need us. But we need atoms.

 This is not a power hierarchy. It is the order of things.

Light and healthy soil, clean water, and clean air do not need humans. We need them, but we forget. Our forgetfulness will be our demise.

Biology lives in contexts and boundaries. It is a healthy boundary that enables every part of biology to be fully itself. 

Without boundaries and scaffolding, we disintegrate into chaos and entropy.

Many humans desire to be free. Free from what? Free to do what they like, when they like? 

At what consequence? And who cares?

I do. 

I wonder if the desire to be free for so many is a desire to be free of the oppression of the scaffolding in which our lives live. As if there is an intuitive knowing that the scaffolding is wrong, yet because it cannot be seen for what it is, there is no understanding of a way out, other than childish anger and being seduced by strong men.

When we step back, we can see the structures that have us march to a particular tune. Step far back, and it is almost comical—and tragic. So unnecessary. Yet also invisible to most of us.

I think about creating new scaffolding, a different set of boundaries. 

Scaffolding woven from reverence for life—all life— and honours our precious home Planet. Scaffolding that considers the very far future in the now. That allows us to be free of oppression yet never free from the responsibility that comes with living in an interdependent system.

What I sense to be true is that we cannot wait for someone else to design that scaffolding. We must do it ourselves. 

Photo Taken March 20th 2024