I met Don in the early 2000’s when I went to Boulder Colorado to study Spiral Dynamics with him. Elza Maalouf was in the same class. Don also came to Australia several times and ran a three day workshop for a small group of us on the Gold Coast. Understanding Spiral Dynamics changed my world, enabling me to see global and local issues in a far more comprehensive way. My teacher of 27 years, R.Buckminster Fuller, talked about trim tabs, small actions that make massive change. Spiral Dynamics when handled by a spiral wizard, is a trim tab. Don is a spiral wizard. I hope you enjoy this episode.



“Herein lies the Global knot: The seemingly irreconcilable conflict between and among the haves, the have nots, the have a little but want more, and the have a lot but are never content. There must be a better way.”

Don Edward Beck is a teacher, geopolitical advisor, and theorist focusing on applications of large scale psychology, including social psychology, evolutionary psychology, organizational psychology and their effect on human sociocultural systems.

Show notes

*a momentous leap that humanity is about to make

*we are trying to jettison an old order and embrace a new one

*embracing what the world is becoming

*we can go back to the future and forward to the past

*all the value system are appearing on Earth at the same time

*every solution presents the next set of problems

*not sure what nature is saying to us yet, but listening very closely

*what is the system maker, the generator of these systems? Why is what is next next?

*no point to get rid of what we do not want without specifying what we do want

*worked intimately on the end of apartheid in South Africa

*what if the real differences are not about the obvious ‘race’ and ‘religion’ but about deep value systems?

*we are an evolutionary intelligence

*life is an attempt to cope with changing life conditions while managing the new ones

*those people who are working in the 7th and 8th code operate from humility

*Spiral Dynamics is not a behavioural system, it is a thinking system and values system

*after the World Cup Rugby win of  1995 in South Africa many South Africans became “South African’s” for the very first time (See Invictus, the movie)

*it’s possible to perform miracles if one is willing to change the categories of how we see people and see how they fit together using natural design

*If you get Ebola and you are in Palestine where would you want to go? You would want to go to Israel for treatment. So why would you want to destroy Israel?

*the 7th code asks…is it functional?

*it’s a yeasty time

*what is humanities master code?

*no more prizes for forecasting the rain, only prizes for building the ark


Elza Maalouf and her new book, Emerge, The Rise of Functional Democracy and the Future of the Middle East

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Spiral Dynamics, the book

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