Brad Krauskopf would easily be one of the world experts in co-working spaces. He see’s the future of work as a combination of co-working and the more traditional office. Brad has a phenomenal vision for how we work, and the entrepreneurial, business and charismatic ability to pull it off. Watch this space.



CEO & Founder – Third Spaces Group

Brad Krauskopf activates spaces that grow the collaborative capacity of individuals, businesses and cities. He is an entrepreneur, innovator and speaker.

As CEO of Third Spaces Group, Brad is committed to catalysing a national network of smart work hubs that changes the way Australia works. Since 2011, he has founded Hub Australia, CoActiv8 and Platform 3 to help realise this goal.

Hub Australia, Australia’s largest coworking community works with small and large organisations across Australia to drive innovation through collaboration across sectors, disciplines and generations. As pioneers of coworking in Australia, Hub Melbourne, Hub Sydney and Adelaide are all visited by hundreds of people every week for working, learning and creating.

CoActiv8, works with corporate and government clients across Australia to setup, manage and operate collaborative and flexible workspaces.

Platform Three provides shared marketing and technology services for work hubs and has developed an integrated member and operating platform – MESH Spaces.

Brad is a strong advocate for creating impact beyond profit and has committed all of his companies to achieve BCorp certification by early 2015. Hub Australia was a founding BCorp in Australia.

A career entrepreneur, Brad has previously led businesses in event management, technology and has lived, studied and worked in both Spain and the U.S.

Brad was named Australia’s Small Business Ambassador for 2013 by the Council of Small Business in Australia.

 Show notes

*The future of work and people’s relationship to work – we we are always on, always connected

*Liberated work or free range work – a new way of working – people choose the work and their lifestyle

*About 40% of workers have some form of liquidity in their work – are in the independent workforce. The lines are blurring between being a freelancer and being employed

*How do you combine people and ideas to form new products or services that add value? The people that can become masters at collaboration and coming up with new ideas are creating the new capital

*At Hub Adelaide – brought together government, local small businesses and youth entrepreneurs, groups of people who might not have otherwise come together…resulted in youth entrepreneurs creating nine businesses

*One of the key things that underlie Hub is that is it a fail free zone

*Chaordic space – between chaos and order – requires a deliberate but light touch in the curation of the space

*People coming to co-working spaces for the possibility of what might happen when they come together

*Two required roles; the Space Host- makes the space feel welcome and authentic and the Community Manager- builds the connections between everyone

*GSD = getting shit done

*Fail free zone – no-one brings their position title into the HUB. Everyone’s on the same level. This allows an opening up for surprise

*A space is not sufficient for collaboration. You need a diversity of spaces

*When the members become the hosts you see the community come alive

*The host is not there to get you a coffee, they are there to get you a connection

*When the founder of a start up actually enjoys what they are working on and where they are working it trumps any good idea

*The next boom in Australia is harnessing the knowledge capital of the really diverse talent we have across Australia

*How do we catalyze a national network of work hubs, 100’s even 1000’s of work hubs across Australia, in regional areas as well?

*By 2025 75% of the work force will be Gen Y. Flexibility, global workforce, all second nature to Gen Y. If you do not change to embrace this as a company the Gen Y people will leave for another company

*How would we create the organisation of the future from what we know now?

*The combination of distributed nodes and centralised networks

*The forth space…between the virtual and the physical

*It’s actually much easier working in a silo. Collaboration is hard. But worthwhile and needed




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